Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos will build the new building for the General State Administration in Madrid

The project by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos, with the collaboration of Ulargui Arquitectos, was chosen from among the 29 proposals submitted. The jury valued the compositional and formal quality of the proposal for its rotundity and volumetric representativeness, which transmits a unitary image of an institutional nature. It considers the elliptical layout within the triangular shape of the plot to be very appropriate, as well as the exterior spaces that contribute to generating a cohesive urban fabric, making it a very coherent proposal as a whole.

It considers the design of the spaces proposed for office use to be very appropriate, offering a high degree of flexibility and spatial optimisation.The configuration of the access to the site and to the different departments, as well as the location of the programme with the most singular spatial requirements outside the main building, stand out. The proposal has also been considered appropriate in terms of bioclimatic and sustainability criteria, and its analysis and degree of detail.

The new building, promoted by the Ministry of Finance and located in Calle Padre Damián, will have 30,000 m2 of office space above ground and a 3-storey basement of 45,000 m2.

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